This was our first film in the "Strange Tales of Autumndale" series. Here we meet some important characters that will carry throughout the series. We follow "Dollface," a victim of being abducted into a child sex ring as a young girl by one of the most powerful people in Autumndale, Brian Knotts. As she grows up we see her obtain revenge on those who harmed her and everyone that thinks alike. Will we see her again? 


The A.R.C. Interview

This was the second film in the "Strange Tales of Autumndale" series. Here we start to see what the entire series really revolves around, The Autumndale Reconditioning Center, or the A.R.C. Here we meet characters like Susan Kromwell, the second in command at the A.R.C. and Kevin "the tech guy."  Some of the other main charcaters we will see again is Jimbo "The fish man," and Juniper the clown.


Uncovering the A.R.C.

In 2015 there was an internet leak of files that pertained to the legendary government agency in the town of Autumndale, the A.R.C. Some say it was one of the groundskeepers of Black Bird Asylum as legend states the agency is placed UNDER the old asylum. Local paranormal investigators Nik Swansong and Steven Cauldwell were able to quickly download some of those files. This is their series trying to uncover some of our towns darkest "secrets."

Thank You For Calling 1 & 2

These were two short stories of a local call center representative and a rude caller on Halloween 2019 and 2020. Who won the battle? You decide!

Uncovering the A.R.C: A Haunting at T. Browns Brewery