The Great Witch Lillith


Lillith and her family were some of the first to arrive in Autumndale. When the witch hunts began, one of the family friends and founders of the town, knowing they were actually witches, didn't want to see the demise of their family. So Ronald Hamilton set it up with the father that they would move out to a small cabin that he had 20 miles outside the town and never return.  The mother, father and four girls made the cabin their home and flourisher, building additional buildings, starting a garden and farming.

Years passed and their parents passed from old age. The four sisters knew nothing but the cabin and the warning that if they ever left the woods they would be killed. So that's where they lived and thrived. You cqan find what would happen to lead them to their demise and the permanant curse of the town in the comic book "Strange Tales of Autumndale: The Great Witch."

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Born to a pair of bakers in New Orleans in 1943, Henri Baptiste would have a happy childhood. He would grow up family educated in the ways of the kitchen in hopes he would one day take over the family business. What he didn’t know is that his father ran gambling out of the restaurant at night. One night after a bad hand and too many drinks, one of the towns people locked his mother and father in the building and burnt them alive inside. From that moment on, from the moment he was placed in state custody, he swore his revenge on the world. He spent the entirety of his life practicing the black arts and making deals with devils.

When he was 64 he heard the story of the legendary “Tear of Lillith,” the stone made of total vengeance. If it was fully put back together, he would have the power to not only resurrect the great witch but bring forth the end of the world. He promptly traveled to Autumndale. When he arrived he began his search.  Along his way he would meet dark sorcerers and renegade monsters who were on the same path looking for the stones. With a little slide of hand and smooth talking he would talk them into joining him with promises of splitting the power. Thus was born the “Church of Lillith” and their most powerful leader… The Jynx.

The Hoard

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The Snake

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Dr. Wolfgang Von Diedrich


Born to a family of doctors and morticians in Autumndale in 1876. In his 20's he would become the towns youngest and most regarded doctor. You can learn more about the grisly murders that would come to happen by his and by watching the first episode of Uncovering the A.R.C.

Coming Soon on Uncovering the A.R.C. :                         Blackbird Asylum


John "The Chef" Gilstrap


Mike "The Jakyl" Kraft


Sinthia Lott


Bertha and Stella Collins


Clyde "The Skinner" Baldwin


The Banshee of Warshowski Pond


Brutis and Orwell



Dr. Edward Gustos