Enjoy a walk around our beautiful town and enjoy the sights! 

Autumndale Town Hall

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Originally built as the towns jail and courthouse in 1867, it was remodeled and expanded in 1923 to become what stands today. Many politicians have passed through it's halls over the decades but one of the best mayor's we have had is Mayor Victor Stegall. Spending over 500,000 on preserving our towns history. 

Hamilton Rec Center

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The Hamilton Rec Center is named after one of Autumndale's founders Ronald D. Hamilton. Built in 1965 we have festivals for 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas and every other time that we can make an excuse to gather together. Also open 6 days a week for the towns youth to gather safely to have fun.  

The Mines

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Established in 1851 by Oliver Knotts III, one of the great grand children of our founding fathers, This was when Autumndale was established as an actual mining city and not just a simple farming village. Hundreds of men worked in the mines over the years including 46 of them that died in 1876 when one of the deepest mines caved in, trapping them indefinitely. 

Blackbird Asylum

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Built in 1875, The Blackbird Asylum was opened and started intaking patients. With the city building up with the job's from the mines, more people started filtering into the town. With patients from exhaustion from the mines, mentally ill from outlying smaller towns, disobedient women and more, the halls and rooms were quickly filled. They soon opened a max security wing and started filling rooms with some of the most notorious criminals in Autumndale. Shortly after the yellow fever struck the east wing would soon start to fill with over 250 patients at all time's, bodies piling quickly in the back courtyard, now turned graveyard. The doors closed 1986 and was empty for 6 years until the town turned it into the first project of the towns historical society. It still stands today and the rumor is the legendary Autumndale Reconditioning Center lies directly underneath the Asylum.

Lake Madden Campground

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Come enjoy a beautiful weekend of camping at Lake Madden Campground. This 140 acre nature preserve is set right on the outside of Olde Autumndale. The Madden family has lived on and protected the land for close to 150 years! Make sure to clean your areas when you leave so families can enjoy the beauty for years to come!

Warshowsky Pond

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Owned by the Warshowsky family this small oasis is open Thursday- Sunday for kayaking and fishing. Make sure you have a valid fishing license from the Autumndale Wildlife and Game department as we will be checking. We ask unless in designated camping area, everyone leave the park by sun down. 

The Autumndale Times


Established in 1862, The Autumndale Times has been the number one source of information about our towns politics, special events, noticing special people in our town and more. While some things may seem to be straight out of a tabloid, we report things that come directly from the source unfiltered to assure our townspeople are always in the know. 

The Fallen Leaf Bar


Opened in 1982 by "Big Don" Ackerman, this cozy little bar settled in the manufacturing district has served hundreds of working class people. In 2003 "Big Don" sadly passed from a heart attack leaving the bar to his only son Sam. Then in 2005 with the mysterious disappearance of Sam the bar sat empty for 6 months until resold by the town to Victoria Labelle.

T. Browns Brewery


Originally opened down by Cooper Creek by Theodore Brown in 1936, this was the first brewery in our town. After prohibition was lifted Theodore and a small team started making a smooth blend whisky that would soon start to spread to outlying cities. The more the brand took off the more staff they would hire. They would then move into brewing "Brown Leaf Beer." After a tragic fire killing Theodore and 36 of his workers, the recipe would not resurface until the reopening of the new brewery closer to town in 2015 by his Great Grandson Teddy Brown.    

Eugene's Grille


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Gaston's Metaphysical


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Sawall's Bakery

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Established in 1963 by Amanda and Chuck Sawall. They have served the town for almost 60 years thousands of cakes, pies and everything yummy. What draws us from all over town though is their world famous meat pies! They have retired from the kitchen where their son Draven now cooks, but they are always hanging in the front lobby to greet each and every guest!

Autumndale Channel Six


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Knott's General Supermarket


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Knotts Manufacturing


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