Mayor Victor Stegall

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Gaston Nightbloom

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Gaston Nightbloom was one of the only people in Autumndale to ever own a metaphysical and curiosities shop. He lives in the shop with his daughter Purple. He is the head of one of the two covens in our town, but unlike the murderous Church of Lillith cult, the Nightbloom Coven works for the charities and good will in the town. Many people have protested to get the shop removed due to religious stands but Mayor Stegall has always leaned towards the equality in religious beliefs. 

Purple Nightbloom

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Susan Kromwell

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Second in command at the mysterious A.R.C. agency, Susan Kromwell has been with the agency since she was a teen 20 years ago. She has worked hard in covering up some of the most notorious cases in Autumndale. She is responsible for maintaining the correctly hired staff, working with the tech team to establish new weapons and on her off days helps feed and care for some of the studied "monsters" contained on level 3.  

Cecil Chapman

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Cecil Chapman was a local strip club owner and pimp. For 13 years he ran Top Gals strip club down in the manufacturing area of Autumndale. One fall night his right hand man left for the night leaving Cecil to close the bar. When they returned the next morning they found him electrocuted to death with one of his eyes gouged out. No money was taken so it was deemed not a robbery, but his murder case remains open today.

The McFinnley Family


On the full moon of November 1912, the Irish immigrant family, the McFinnley's were attacked leaving most of them severly scarred and killing their youngest daughter Tegan. On the next full moon it would be their family put to blame for the Christmas Eve slaughter at their local church. Find out the whole story by reading Strange Tales of Autumndale: Oh Holy Bite.

Phillip Hamilton


Phillip Hamilton was a local music producer. He owned one of the towns only recording studios and music venues. He was always giving back to the community by donating thousands of dollars to the Autumndale Historical Society as well as The Autumndale Catholiic Boys home, often mentoring some of the boys. The battle of depression overcame him in 2016, leading to his own suicide. Some say it was a battle with an entity outside of his own mind though. See the story on Uncovering the A.R.C.

Steven Cauldwell


Steve is one half of the Autumndale Paranormal Investigation Team. Adopted by his parents Claud and Betty Cauldwell. He grew up around dirt bikes, trailer parks and hair metal. His curiosity of the paranormal has stemmed from his love for horror flicks. He would love to believe but still needs physical proof. Will he ever find it?

Nik Swansong


Nik Swansong has always been in Autumndale and is the other half of the APIT. They were also adopted but from a much.. different... situation. Adopted by their parents Tree and Morning Star Swansong she grew up on a spiritualist camp. Surrounded by fortune tellers and healers the paranormal has never been a question. They just never quite caught on the way the rest of the camp did and was just referred to as quirky. Join her on Uncovering the A.R.C. on Autumndale Channel 6!

Teddy Brown IV

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Teddy is the great grandson of Theodore Brown who was involved in the great T. Browns Brewery tragedy. Years later he has reopened the brewery in a new location and has resurrected his great grandfathers whisky and beer recipe. The brand is quite successful and has reached well outside the city limits. Find out more on the season finale of Uncovering the A.R.C. the Haunting at T. Browns Brewery.

Tamara Monokowski


Tamara is Autumndale's local mystic and palm reader. Working out of her home where she resides with her 13 black cats she is oftenly whispered about while traveling in town. Every Saturday night at exactly 6:30 PM she goes to Eugene's diner for a meatloaf dinner, coffee and palm reading (whether its asked for or not.)

Samuel "Sam" Ackerman

After the passing of his father, Sam was the proud owner of The Fallen Leaf Bar. He had a big heart and would do anything for the every day locals that would visit his bar. In 2015 Sam disappeared without a trace, only leaving behind a local patron and friend who now resides in Blackbird Rehabilitation after spouting rumors about monsters.  Sam was never seen or heard from again.  If you watch The A.R.C. Interview maybe you can find out what happened.

Kevin "the tech guy" Buckner

Kevin was hired by the A.R.C. as their new lead technology developer in 2019. Sense then he has been largely involved in developing Team A.R.C. protocol and weapons. Not much is known about his past currently other than he was a child prodigy in tech and has worked for government agencies his entire life. He likes coffee and keeping up with the outside world through smutty tabloids.

Eugene Sherman


Having faught in the tale end of the Vietnam war 1972 to 1975 Eugene Sherman is somewhat of a hard ass. The only time he is happy is when his diner, which he opened in 1982, is full of hungry people. He has become a staple in this town serving up Americana and Southern food, cold beer, and the only place in Autumndale you can find a karaoke machine at full blast. No one knows why, but he loves hearing tone deaf people sing their heart out.  

Sir Spookenstein


Autumndale Channel 6's own town superstar, Sir Spookenstein has been on the air for close to 30 years. He was one of the original programs "Sunday Night Frights" where he would show cheesy b movies and commentary them.

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Patty Knight


Clarissa, Chrissy and Missy


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