The Autumndale Reconditioning Center

The town of Autumndale has been cursed sense its start as a small village in the mid 1700's. In 1965 the local government, with the rapid decline in people wanting to live here, had decided to open up a branch that was unknown to outside government. This agency would not only serve as protection by learning every aspect of the occult and every monster they could research, but also to recondition the towns beliefs that every tragedy that happened it was simply a stunt for the next issue of the towns famous "Strange Tales of Autumndale" comic book. Misdirecting the public into thinking they lived in a city where pop culture was constantly overtaking it turned the town into a mecca for tourism, creating more jobs and therefore saving the city. 

The agency resides underneath the now closed and turned into a museum BlackBird Asylum. They were worried when it closed in 1986 it would expose them, but adding a gift shop and museum actually was for the best, as it adds funding for new technology and provides extra funding for its agents and prisoners. The agency has three floors going down 1000s of feet under the town. The first floor has the offices and meeting rooms as well as the security sector. In the west wing of the first floor are a few hundred small studio apartments for the agents. Going down to the second floor, they have a highly secured vault for magical relics and cursed items. Here is housed laboratories that study evil in genetics as well as some of the lower level harmless monsters. Level 3 is a max security containment unit that has some of the most notorious killers, a sprit containment unit for evil entities, and reinforced cages for man eating creatures the likes no normal man has seen. 

With danger always looming around the corner they trained highly skilled agents to protect the city, but something more evil was churning. The legendary tear of Lillith had been split into five pieces when the witch herself planted it far underneath them. In 2000 the Cult simply known as "The Church of Lillith" had spawned. A renegade group of witches, warlocks and monsters banded together and started collecting shards of the stone. In the wrong hands the stone could be used to break free every monster, spirit or killer that is housed at the A.R.C. but even worse, resurrect some of the most evil creatures that have sense been long dead.

The last remaining shard to complete the stone lies around the neck of the immortal vigilante known as Doll Face.


In 2014 now head of operations Susan Kromwell has decided to form a team. A team that will be able to defend the town more than any average mortal could achieve. We have met some of them, and some are yet to be revealed.  Join us as we discover the agency and what is now known as "The Team A.R.C. Project."

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The Doll Card.png

The girl simply known as “Dollface” has come from a distraught past. Raised in a sex trafficking ring then simply thrown away onto the steps of an orphanage at 17. She grew up plotting her revenge on the wicked Brian Knotts IV and all of his henchmen for what they do to women and children. While on one of her quests of revenge she was shot by one of Knott’s men Rob when she sliced his brother Danny’s throat. She escaped and was approached by the then grown Purple Nightbloom as she was dying and was given a shard of the legendary stone, The Tear of Lillith. While wearing the stone she has become immortal and unhurtable. She has not yet been connected by the agency yet but she will.. soon.


Victoria "V' Labelle

The Vampire.png

Born Victoria Labelle in France, 1494. That was the same year as the Battle for Italy. Victoria was born a human but at the age of 26 in 1520, she was bitten by the legendary creature called a “Stregoi.” She came to America by way of New Orleans in 1802. She was found out to be non-human in 1870 and quickly fled to the flourishing town of Autumndale where she resides today. She can live in the form of a human but when provoked can turn into a beastly Stregoi or even the form of a large owl. She was inducted into the Agency when it was first established as something to be studied, but quickly became part of the team as she just wants to live as normal a life as she can. In 2015 after the disappearance of Sam Ackerman she purchased the Fallen Leaf bar and manages it nightly.

Jimbo "The Fish Man"

The Fish Card.png

Jimbo was a humble mechanic in the south side of Autumndale. He lived a simple life working and enjoying his nights at the local bar The Fallen Leaf. One Fall day in 2015 he went to his favorite fishing hole not knowing that barrols of toxic waste had recently been dumped there. While fishing he thought he saw something and creeped up to the edge of the bank. The bank gave way and in he fell to the toxic wast transforming into a disfigured half fish half man. The Agency caught wind and quickly saved him placing him in a tank. He was one of the first 2 to be approached by them for Team A.R.C. They know he can breath under water and has developed the strength of 5 men, but what else could he have developed?



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Coming in 2023 in Porcelain 2


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